KC What Clients Are Saying

“We were all blown away by professional speaker Kathryn Childers. She was entertaining, funny, knowledgeable, engaging … I have run out of adjectives! I repeatedly heard the comment, “She was the best speaker we’ve had at our meetings!” And I agree – she was wonderful. My only regret is that we ran out of time so quickly. She graciously signed copies of her book, visited with everyone who wanted a word, and was thoroughly delightful. Her message of “do it scared” was right on target for our group.”  Sharon Halfmann, Farm Credit Business & Professional Women’s Association (and Loan Administrator of Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA)

“Kathryn’s message brought a local, professional, and intriguing message for the Del Mar College Graduates. Her experiences as a Secret Service Agent and a local television personality kept the graduating class of 2014 on the edges of their seats, and the pride she demonstrated in our community was icing on the cake! I was proud.” President Mark Escamilla, Del Mar Community College – Corpus Christi, Texas

“Through entertaining and inspiring examples, Kathryn showed us how we could significantly impact the fight against cancer even if we didn’t have cancer. Most importantly, she helped us raise nearly $60,000 for medical equipment and oncology services – the highest total ever in our event’s history!” Kristi Jones, Director of Marketing, St. Joseph’s Health System – Bryan, Texas, Surviving & Thriving Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon 

“Everyone enjoyed your presentation. The feedback was fantastic and you really captivated the crowd! Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of our event. Your charm, wit, experience and professionalism are all something that personas of all ages can relate to and benefit from.” Kathy Woods, Texas Bursar’s Association

“We are writing to express our gratitude and thank you for your wonderful presentation at our Women’s Fund of Door County luncheon. We received so many positive comments about your speech, your sense of humor, and your candor about life. Your unique talent is truly the culmination of a lifetime of practicing what you preach – “Doing it Scared!” Diane Sarosiek, Executive Director, Women’s Fund of Door County – Sturgeon, Wisconsin

“Everyone has told me how much fun they had and felt truly inspired by the adventures you shared. I do know that you will linger for many years to come as a favorite among many who attended our event. We all know what you meant by “Do It Scared,” but learning to apply that philosophy is a different mission all together. We never really think about how easy it is to get comfortable with life on a day-to-day basis and how scare it is when life takes you in a new direction. Your insight helps us understand that if we don’t jump in and do it what life will pass you by and you miss out on the experience that comes with a new mission!” Kristine Olsen, President, Dalhart Area Chamber of Commerce – Dalhart, Texas

“We had one of the largest turn-outs for a speaker and Kathryn captivated them until the end. Students loved her! She was dynamic, entertaining, funny and insightful. Thank you for sharing and inspiring our students to “sell their sizzle”. “ Karolyn Bald, University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, Wisconsin

“We were fortunate to “find” you and have you speak at our five regional FCCLA conferences earlier this year. The students and teaches loved hearing you message and getting the advise about packing their bag as they prepare for their future. You were able to relate to all the attendees – students and adults.”
 Sharon Reddell Pierce, State Advisor, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America – Austin, Texas

“Members were spellbound by your backpack and cam away challenged to fill their own backpacks.” Rachel Carrico, Vice President of Recreation
, Family, Career & Community Leaders of America Region IV

“We are so grateful to you for sharing your lifetime of adventure, danger, accomplishment, and great fun.” Candace O’Keefe, Executive Director, Leadership America – Washington D.C.

“The prefect blend of warmth, humor, and information … I only wish you had all day to talk.” Mrs. William B. Shelton, Jr., President, Texas Medical Association – Dallas, Texas

“You’ve had more adventures and misadventures than most people twice your age!” Eugene Becnell, Broadmore Conference of Hardware Distributors – Colorado

“I was so impressed and amused all at the same time. You are truly an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. Us old guys are sometimes hard to inspire, but I think you did it even to us.” Sharon Maloley, President, AR Systems, Inc. – Phoenix, Arizona