Why Invite Kathryn Childers?

What does “Do It Scared!” mean?
Kathryn’s success has hinged on embracing challenges despite fear. Being one of the first female Secret Service agents wasn’t easy. Embarking on a broadcasting career wasn’t easy. Leaping into the publishing world wasn’t easy. By acknowledging her fear and forging ahead, however, Kathryn achieved remarkable success and has lived a life she loves. Today, when people tell her they are scared to try something new, she replies …
Kathryn touts “Do it scared … but just do it!”

What are Kathryn’s “Do It Scared!” qualifications?
Kathryn has lived her life using fear as a motivator, not a stop sign. Whether it was applying to the Secret Service or taking on the publishing world, Kathryn stared down her fears and pressed forward to achieve her dreams. As a result, she had the unique privilege of guarding world leaders and their families. She interviewed thousands of celebrities as a broadcaster. She founded a breast cancer screening program for women in need. She developed and published three books chronicling a once-in-a century snowfall on Christmas Eve in South Texas, just because she believed there was a need to capture this magical event.

“When so many people said a book couldn’t be done, I quickly realized ‘no’ was just a bump on the road to ‘yes,’ ” claims Kathryn.  “When a snowball falls in your lap – literally – you’ve got to take it and run with it … well, really throw it I guess!”

What life lessons does a “Do It Scared!” presentation impart?
From serving as one of the first female Secret Service agents to donning a clown suit and bringing cheer to hospitalized children, Kathryn Childers has spent a lifetime as a public servant. Watching Jacqueline Kennedy initiate and lead the effort to establish the White House as an historic institution, not just the president’s residence, showed Kathryn the power one person can have in volunteering to make a difference. Volunteering at every level in her community showed Kathryn how public service can bring communities together. Kathryn will work with your group to show them the true joy is being in the game, not sitting on the sidelines.

“No matter who you are, you can become part of your community,” Kathryn says. “You can make a difference.”

What is Kathryn’s speaking style?
Kathryn is a natural storyteller, weaving her inspirational message with extraordinary tales of her experiences in the Secret Service, philanthropy, the broadcasting world and now in publishing. Humor is a cornerstone of her talks, with her own comical predicaments bringing laughs and lessons that even successful people must be creative in the face of obstacles. Kathryn counts Lucille Ball among her interviews, but bets Ball never had to make a department store detour on her way to a Secret Service assignment to purchase a gun-concealing handbag that would match her evening gown!

“Kathryn has a delightful, engaging and intelligent presence in front of an audience,” said one client, who is a public speaking expert. “Her sense of humor, insight and terrific story kept the audience glued to her.”

How will “Do It Scared!” enrich audiences?
Audiences leave Kathryn’s presentations ready to embrace opportunities and overcome obstacles to achieving their dreams. Kathryn is living proof that we must embrace new experiences if we want to grow and help shape the community we desire. Kathryn has seen the world, made a difference in her community and lived a fulfilling life, and she can help her listeners find their most fulfilling path as well.

“Once you have success, opportunities begin to ripple out from there,” Kathryn says. “Then it’s what you do with those ripples that count. If you haven’t found your first success, get out there and find it. Then, make the most of it.”

What enrichment products does “Do It Scared!” offer?
Kathryn brings her trio of “Snow” books to every engagement as symbols of embracing an opportunity. Autographed copies are available following presentations.  Her new book, “Arm Yourself … Life’s Coming Through the Door” is due out in late 2008 which outlines her nuggets of wisdom Kathryn has picked up along the way.

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Can Kathryn and her “Do It Scared!” presentation be customized for my organization?
Kathryn’s “Do It Scared!” presentation is available in customized formats to suit length specifications and specific needs of your audience. She has spoken a wide array of types of organizations including women’s groups about blazing trails in a man’s world. She has shared stories about interviewing celebrities and other high-profile personalities. Increasingly, she has spoken about forming RedCab Productions, a consulting firm with a remarkably successful publishing arm.

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